My Favorite Editing Tool

The internet is full of editing advice for writers.  Top google hits produce anywhere from eight to twenty-five simple steps guaranteed to transform writing from clunky and amateur to smooth and professional.

Whether you are writing a novel or a senior paper, one of the most basic, common sense tips for editing is to read the work aloud. Reading aloud helps catch errors that your eyes might miss when reading silently, including typos and missing or incorrect words.  Reading aloud can also expose awkward wording and phrasing.

Several months ago, my husband introduced me to a function on my iPhone that simplifies this part of the editing process and allows me to work on my manuscript on the go.  By simply turning on the Speak Selection feature, the iPhone can read emails, texts, and documents aloud.  Using this feature, I can listen to chapters in the car, while doing dishes and laundry, or while on my daily run. Listening helps me identify needed improvements.

While the voice is somewhat robotic, I appreciate my phone’s ability to read to me for hours at a time without needing a break or even a drink of water.  To learn how to activate Speak Selection on your iPhone, watch the tutorial or follow the simple steps listed below.



Go to:




Speak Selection

Slide the Speak Selection button to the right

Click on Voice

Choose from one of the 5 English accents

Slide the bar at the bottom left or right to adjust the Speaking Rate

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