School Visits

Adrienne Quintana and her sister and editor, Marnae Horejs, enjoy sharing what they’ve learned about the writing, editing, and publishing process with middle and high school students. Presentations generally run from 45 minutes to an hour including a question and answer session. The fun, interactive visit can be adapted to accommodate large assemblies but is best suited to a classroom setting, where students are invited to participate, generating their own story ideas, plot summaries, and writing goals.

To schedule an author visit, please fill in the request form below. Feel free to mention any specific topics that you would like to have covered so that the presentation can be tailored to meet your needs.

IMG_2347“Adrienne Quintana delivers a dynamic presentation for beginning writers.  From the moment her presentation opens up, she has students engaged, and most importantly she makes everyone in the audience believe that he or she can become a writer.  Her story of how she became a writer is not only inspiring, but useful for the high school student. The combo of Adrienne and her sister__ writer vs. editor__ makes for a great addition to any creative writing classroom. I highly recommend Adrienne’s presentation. She is the best presenter I have had come speak to my high school students.   I can’t wait for her next visit!” –Jessica Cox, Millennium High School, Goodyear, Arizona


“Adrienne has a powerful presence in the classroom. Her energy and sense of humor invited students into an open dialogue about the writing field. Her presentations are common core aligned and engage students in critical thinking. Involving positive role models from the community is such an important piece of the educational process. I highly recommend Adrienne as a guest speaker. Her visit has made a lifelong impact on many students.”–Sheila Rowe, Coyote Ridge Elementary, Glendale, Arizona