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“Quintana’s debut is a standard fast-paced techno-thriller, its momentum set more by intrigue than action as her characters question each other’s motives and loyalties.” –Publisher’s Weekly

“An impressive debut novel, “Eruption” clearly documents author Adrienne Quintana as an especially gifted writer with an enviable knack for deftly crafting surprise twists and unexpected turns in a compelling suspense thriller that never lets up from first page to last. A very highly recommended entertainment for personal reading lists and an enduringly popular addition to community library collections.” —Midwest Book Review

“Quintana’s writing creates a great balance of tension to keep readers engaged. The potentially tricky subject of time travel is nicely handled and doesn’t present questions of the semantics of the process. It reads smoothly and adds to the story beautifully.” —Deseret News

“Adrienne Quintana delivers with a plot that erupts with action and keeps you guessing.” –C.J. Hill, author of Erasing Time

“Every twist will keep you rocketing through this intense thriller.” —Emily H. Bates, author of Demon’s Heart

“Hooked me from the first scene and didn’t let go until the mind-blowing end.” –R.C. Hancock, author of An Uncommon Blue

“Exploding with clock-ticking suspense and high-techology intrigue, Eruption provides us with a glimpse into the aternative shape of things to come that is both fascinating and compelling.”  –Stephen J. Stirling, author of Persona Non Grata and Shedding Light on the Dark Side.

“Quintana has an easy visual style that drops you right into the story and takes you for a suspensful ride.” –Randy Lindsay, author of The Gathering:End’s Beginning

“A fast-paced story with a lot of intrigue and enjoyable characters.” —Brock Booher, author of Healing Stone and Return and Continue with Honor

“You won’t find a storyline and plot like Eruption anywhere else. It is an intricate science fiction techno thriller with a large dose of psychological insight and just good clean romance.” –Nicole Nelson, blogger The Reader’s Salon

“Wow. One word description? Intense.” –Brooke Berry, blogger Brooklyn Berry Designs

“Race with Jace as she frantically tries to put the pieces together…A MUST-READ.” –Shauna Wheelwright, blogger I Love to Read and Review Books

“It kept me on the edge of my seat and up late reading.” –Amanda, blogger Inklings and Notions

“I ended up falling in love with Jace…(I) liked that there was romance, but it didn’t overshadow the story and also wasn’t instantaneous.” –Tressa, blogger Wishful Endings

“I love that this book didn’t follow any kind of formula so I wasn’t able to guess what would come next.” –Melanie Vallderama, blogger Mel’s Shelves

“The part I really found amazing was that Corey and Jace would communicate through INSTAGRAM. Corey would post a picture and the caption was somehow related to whatever they needed to find. It was well-thought and now I read into everything I see on Instagram.” –Genesis Sheli, blogger Gen Gen’s Book Blog

“This is science fiction yet will appeal to those who aren’t fans of sci-fi.  There is touch of romance and a thread of mystery – all-in-all a well balanced story with broad appeal.” –Bethany, blogger Blooming with Books

“I like Jace. She is hard to understand at first, because of her fears and anxieties, but as the gaps are filled in more, I felt like I could relate to her.” –Katie, blogger Katie’s Clean Book Collection

“I really connected with the characters. To me, they were all realistic and different.”  Madison, blogger Booksense

“The last fourth of the book is, WOW, make sure you aren’t needed for awhile, because you will want to find out what happens.” –Mindy, blogger Min Reads and Reviews

“Quintana is a writer who can give depth to a few words; evoking a strong reaction out of her reader and characters alike.”  –Jorie, blogger Jorie Loves a Story

“Author Quintana has woven a tight plot that leaves the reader saying ʺWhat?!ʺ Cindi, blogger Read For Your Future

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  2. Hello I am in Mrs.Cox creative writing class. I loved your presentation, it filled me with confidence with the book I’m writing. for awhile I’ve been doubting myself that i could get it done, but now I’m sure that i can finish it and become an author just like you. Thank you and keep doing what you do. P.s. I hope to see you at the barns and noble for your second book!

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