Radioactive Inspiration


Imagine yourself in a mini-van full of noisy grade school children.  The air conditioning blasts your face with icy air, but a bead of sweat trickles down the middle of your back and disappears in your clinging clothes.  School.  August.  Arizona.  It doesn’t make sense.

You turn up the radio at the request of the kids in the back.  Radioactive by Imagine Dragons comes on.  Again.  But you aren’t tired of it.  In fact, you are secretly glad that your carpool girls sing louder than you do.  You can belt it out.  It gives you the chills.  It is the soundtrack to the novel that has been bouncing around in your head. The novel you are finally writing.

During the past nine months while writing and editing ERUPTION, a creative flame has been growing in my soul.  I find inspiration in music, art, memories, and nature.  Is it possible that creativity is the opposite of negativity? I find it very difficult to be unhappy when I am creating.

Check out Imagine Dragons and watch Lindsey Stirling’s cover:


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