National Novel Writing Month

My eighteen year old sister rarely calls me, but for some reason I was on her mind one night in late August, 2013. The conversation was simple.  She wasn’t asking me.  She was telling me.

“You should write a novel.  November is National Novel Writing month.  We should both do it this year.”

I couldn’t wait until November.  An idea had been brewing for almost a year, but it wasn’t until her phone call that I started to let it ferment.  The initial concept was fleshed out and an outline began to form, as my husband and I brainstormed.  It bubbled and expanded and grew until it became a full-fledged obsession.

On November 1st, I typed the final line of the manuscript in the Philadelphia airport on the way to visit my sister in Maine.

After five months of editing and shopping the manuscript around, I am creating this blog to keep you up to date on the publication of ERUPTION.

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