Summer Freedom

20140626-091907-33547700.jpgTwo summers ago, I made a rebellious decision.  In a moment of weakness after a season of commuting to football practice and dance lessons four nights a week, I snapped.  It was time to register the kids for the swim team, but I sat at the computer, paralyzed.

I couldn’t make myself do it. I knew I might seem like a bad mom.  I knew my kids might lose some learning and study skills, but I decided not do anything structured for the entire summer.  I longed for my kids to have what I had as a child: freedom. No swim team, no lessons, no summer reading program, nothing. What would happen, I wondered, if my children were allowed to choose what they wanted to do?  All day long.  Every day.

The results for our family were magical.  At first, the kids were bored.  They weren’t sure what to do.  But after they adjusted to this new world of summer freedom, creativity blossomed. Friendships grew. Attitudes shifted. And most importantly, stress disappeared.

And the tradition continues.


Hanger Chain


Exposure to the Classics


Fort Building


Inventing New Powerpuff Girls


Reading Just for Fun


Board Games

9 thoughts on “Summer Freedom

  1. Sometimes as a parent it is hard to find the right balance. We want our children to have all the opportunities to learn and grow as possible. I worried that we didn’t have enough structure. Thanks for your loving feedback that freedom was ok in your childhood. Love you!


    • Whether it was on purpose or not, I will always cherish the hours of freedom you gave us to let our imaginations run wild. I love you Mom!


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